Where doctors go wrong with patient diagnosis - Misdiagnosis-A common pitfall in diagnosis is premature closure

Adoption of accurate symptom checkers like Dr EHF's AIDO  has become easier with time as we all become much more aware of the impact and significance of misdiagnosis but more work needs to be done on this front. The ability to access, appraise and use information is critical in modern medicine. A key element is the ability to create a differential diagnosis list, especially for those patients that are not routine.

Diagnostic reasoning is complex, requiring the clinician to distinguish between subtle differences in the presentation of diseases and pattern recognition. A common pitfall in diagnosis is premature closure, a phenomenon where a clinician considers a patient’s symptoms to be evidence of one specific diagnosis and then stops considering other reasonable possibilities, leading to possible delayed or mis-diagnosis. In order to enhance those critical thinking skills you can provide AI based symptom checks for accurate diagnosis , make it easy to access them, endorse them, provide real case examples of usefulness, and finally, fully incorporate them into workflow. This has been keenly incorporated by AIDO which is an AI based symptom checker for accurate diagnosis.