Check your symptoms and be on safe side with DrEHF

Artificial intelligence is on the verge of becoming a game-changing force in healthcare. DrEHF an AI-based online symptomchecker is one such example. Although there are many online resources available to learn about any medical condition these can be confusing and create panic most of the time. This may also result in the wrong treatment pathway. Health symptom checkers on the other hand are more systematic, quick and easy to use. Along with the diagnosis, possible causes of symptoms they also guide on the next step to follow and whether to visit the doctor immediately or not. You can access these even on your busy day by just entering your symptoms and answer few asked questions and that’s it!!!


The objective behind these online symptom checkers is to keep patients better informed about the possible causes of their illness. These can be highly beneficial in certain life-threatening medical conditions like strokes where each minute counts and delay in treatment can cause any mishappening. People are often mistaken between the symptoms of strokes and acidic reflux. This is where the symptom checker plays a crucial role and can guide you to take the right step at right time. For non-emergent illness, it reduces the visit to the doctor’s clinic and the intake of unnecessary medicines. And yes it also saves your money and time. And if the visit is required you can book your appointment online with the expert doctors of DrEHF.


Our health symptom checker online provides the most reliable and accurate diagnoses and is been trusted by medical professionals. Always remember “Precaution is better than cure”. If you are feeling sick, don’t ignore your symptoms and take your health for granted, visit DrEHF and get diagnosed with just a few clicks!!!