Best Scientific Treatment For Polycystic Ovaries PCOS or PCOD

PCOD (Polycystic ovarian disease) or PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome) is a common hormonal problem and many young ladies suffer from this disease. Failure of body to use insulin, also known as insulin resistance, along with improper functioning of a gland in the brain which controls our hormones, is a common cause of PCOD. Patients complain of irregular periods, low chances to become pregnant, weight gain, having hair in unwanted places, such as the face and dark skin patches in folded areas, such as arm pit.

Medicines such as Metformin, Myoinositol [a type of natural vitamin], and change in lifestyle such as regular exercise & healthy diet is key to treat this disease. Using scientific methods data from 30 patients in each group having irregular periods, not able to be pregnant, growth of hair in unwanted places, dark skin patches was collected by researchers in Rotterdam. Hormonal testing was also done including measuring sex hormones like LH/FSH besides prolactin and Insulin. HOMA index, used to calculated insulin resistance, were studied in the beginning & all data were compared after 3 months of treatment. In this scientific study 35 patients on Metformin, 32 patients on Myoinositol & 35 patients on Lifestyle modifications were taken. In the group on Metformin BMI (Body Mass Index) along with LH/FSH ratio reduced significantly after 3 months of treatment. HOMA figures after treatment also dropped majorly along with correction of excess of prolactin levels. In Myoinositol group, BMI came down. In Lifestyle modification group BMI, LH/FSH & HOMA index was reduced. This important research widely available in leading scientific journal and on google scholar gives us an idea regarding effectiveness of different ways of treatment in PCOD & will be very helpful to patients.

PCOS affects these patients mentally (Stress is a key factor causing PCOD through increase in stress hormone which causes hormonal imbalance and finally insulin resistance), their child bearing ability & digestive problem which makes them age early. Insulin resistance is due to failure in our body to respond to normal levels of insulin. Increased insulin secretion due to insulin resistance occurs in almost all PCOS women, including weight gain in 30 to 40 % patients. Increased insulin levels is the main cause of PCOD, in both fat & thin ladies & can show up as 1. Insulin resistance/ type 2 diabetes. 2. Weight gain. 3. Increased Blood Pressure during pregnancy. 4 Heart disease with increased risk of blood vessel blockage. 5. Less blood supply to body organs. 6. Unsuccessful pregnancy. 7. Breathing disturbance while asleep. 8. Increase of fats in liver tissue (FATTY LIVER). 9. Patches of dark skin in folded areas (ACANTHOSIS NIGRICANS). Excess fat in overweight ladies leads to more male hormone in their body which causes more hair growth & deep voice change. Excess female hormone prevents FSH formation which alters chances of successful pregnancy.

In a scientific research done over 2 years, it was seen that Lifestyle modifications can be a good supportive treatment along with metformin plus myoinositol in PCOD. Lifestyle modification programme focuses on stress management, diet modification & daily exercises .Importantly Metformin improves insulin uptake in the body which is key to correcting bodys hormonal imbalance & can be used as a first line of treatment in PCOD. Myoinositol may also be added.
By following these ladies suffering from chronic or long standing PCOS can control diabetes, digestive and skin problems, & improve chances of pregnancy.


Compiled from various international research journals available at google scholar by D. Mukherjee having 38 years of pharmaceutical (Cardiac, Diabetic, Neurology, Pain & Inflammation products) experience with a Swiss Multinational Company NOVARTIS   and edited by: Dr Sandeep Ahlawat, MBBS