5 Best websites for Health Symptom Checker Online

You feel sick but don’t want to see the doctor and wish to find a solution at the comfort of your home. You search websites for Health Symptom Checker Online  and don’t find one but numerous. The whole page gets populated with online diagnostic tools leaving you puzzled. Is this scenario sound familiar to you?

Well, how would you know which is the best symptom checker? As all of those promise to provide an accurate diagnosis with ease.You can’t afford to take a risk as incorrect diagnosis and triage can lead you to the wrong treatment pathway and can be life-threatening.

Let us flash our lights on the top 5 symptom checkers available.

1 AiDO- AI-based accurate diagnosis from DrEHF

Provided diagnosis and triage to more than 3 lakh patients, answered more than 9 lakh queries Aidois one of the reliable and renowned online medical health checkersavailable online for the smartphone as well as for browser

Its easy-to-use interface makes it the first choice among the users. The process involves the user selecting symptoms, related factors and get the diagnosis based on the input. The process starts with the user entering age, gender, and country. Thereafter, the user is asked to select symptoms. This step is followed by selecting some more symptoms to determine the possible cause more effectively. The entire process can be finished in just 2 minutes.The result of the diagnosis is then mailed to the user.  It also provides an option to book your appointment with well-renowned doctors. AiDO owes its accuracy to the AI technology on which it is designed.


Developed by scientists and doctors, ADA functions only as a smartphone App. To start with, the user needs to enter just one significant symptom, which sometimes puzzles the user if has multiple symptoms. Also, the next step of the questionnaire is often lengthy. After this tiring procedure, the user is provided with the 5 most possible causes. However, it also provides you with other services like booking appointment also at the end of diagnosis.

3 Family Doctor

It is a basic symptom checker. It uses flowcharts to enable users to track their symptoms and finally reach a possible diagnosis. Quite  helpful if you understand flowcharts well.

4 Symptify

This symptom checker allows users to select as well as type the symptoms. Followed by answering few questions asked. Based on the input the diagnosis report is presented.

5 webMD symptom checker

It provides, user friendly services but at same time, require user to select symptoms from hundreds of available ones. Which can ultimately divert user from the most prominent symptom. Also it overloads the user with possible causes.


Symptom checkers are excellent initiative towards digitalization in medical sector. The above medical health checkers are easy to use and are all backed with expert medical professionals. Nevertheless, the best symptom checker aren’t always accurate and led to proper diagnosis. Visit to primary care doctor can be more helpful and lead to accurate diagnosis in severe cases.